Our Story

If there is no beautiful leather jacket, any wardrobe is incomplete.

Looking for a good leather jacket is where the manufacturer of jacket is beginning, I and some friends in the market, I look for leather jackets.

We have been en suited in the selection between fast and fashion or high prices.

On the one hand, it is a luxury brand. This means that it costs more than $ 1000, and on the other hand is fast and fashion, which means that the purchase of products that will not last for the next few years.

Where is other options? After in-depth mining and research, the interpretation of leather coat prices is that distributors, wholesalers, retailers have a long-term supply chain very long, coupled with expensive marketing activities.

This means that the price of consumers paying only a small portion of the product itself. We can find that the problem can be solved.

We should get better like our consumers, so we start jacket manufacturers.

The challenge in our own is very simple, making it easy to purchase high quality leather jackets with available prices.

Direct sales to consumers by reducing unnecessary expenses, designing and manufacturing, and using on-time production, we can provide higher quality leather jackets at a small part of the market price.

We know that the excitement of the leather jacket is believed that everyone has the right to have this feel.

The Jacket Maker's Difference

The finest raw material

All begins from raw materials, because we put our lives in the jacket, we do not use, only the best materials. All of our jackets are made of all-line natural leather, YKK zipper and polyester lining.

Our products are hand-made

Once a craftsman and precision and attention, unlike a large amount of chain production. Do not choose chain production means higher cost, but there is a better quality, you will notice in our sewing.

Fair pricing - Directly to you

With our direct to consumers, our products will sell them at a price of 1/4, and luxury brands will sell them. We reduce the price by cutting out the intermediaries, store costs and inefficiency marketing. In addition, it is produced on time.

It is considered that all

inclusiveness is a fashion word, but we treat it very seriously. We really know that wearing a great leather jacket is a bit exciting thing, we ensure that no one misses this. All of our jackets have eight standard sizes, from XS to 4XL.

Identification and expression

We believe in differences of opinion and expression because they are not equal. With the help of a design consultant, you can make a custom jacket made from 100% from scratch. In this way, we increase diversity and allow our customers to express themselves and alienate others.

We Deliver Genuine Products

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